Aboriginal Affairs Minister meets indigenous youth in Saskatoon

 APTN National News
A youth group sponsored by the AFN met the federal Aboriginal Affairs Minister in Saskatoon this week.

Bernard Valcourt was challenged on his government’s proposed First Nations Education Act.

Valcourt said if the act becomes law it would mean more First Nation control of First Nation education.

But the youth weren’t buying what Valcourt was selling.

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1 thought on “Aboriginal Affairs Minister meets indigenous youth in Saskatoon

  1. Right on ….. Years ago they pathetically placed obstacles in front of our people when they seen that our ancestors were becoming better `farmers`then the so-called settler …. They then start sending rotten goods, no tools – the intentionally poisoned blankets …. Killing all the Original Peoples with small-pox infected blankets. I am a student at the UofT and the can. HIStory prof. disgustingly and pathetically told the audience that it was a military strategy … How fucking sick is that – there was no war going on – our ancestors were already confined to the reservations lining up weekly at the indian agent office to get hand -outs …. What they handed to them along with the moldy bread and bug-infested flour was POISONED BLANKETS!!!!! It is 2013 and they are still trying to drive in to their young FALSE and OUT RIGHT LIES concerning their history here in KANATA!

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