Trudeau tells UN of Canada’s shame over Indigenous Peoples

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used a speech to the United Nations on Thursday to probe a source of national shame: the historic struggles of Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

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7 thoughts on “Trudeau tells UN of Canada’s shame over Indigenous Peoples

  1. The Conservatives still don’t get it I guess. If they want to convince anyone of their worthiness, they need to have positive policies not just be attacking the government. I don’t support either ideology and I think Trudeau needs to wise up and act positively to change things that are in his capacity to change.

  2. He’s back stabbing the Native Nations of Canada by allowing extraction industries to continue destroying their lands. Don’t believe his lies.

  3. Go scr*w yourself Garnet Genius! Some Genius you are; Harpo a** kisser!! At least our PM is trying to correct the past mistakes by previous governments…All it shows is how you and your Conservatives are sooo jealous which includes senate appointee, Batak, a Racist B*tch appointed by a Racist boss (previous Con Boss)… Get that Racist B*tch out of that Senate seat.. That’s not a place for a racist b*tch!!! Leave our PM alone who is trying to correct the wrongs against our Indigenous People!!

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