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Against Their Will

Saskatoon’s Royal University hospital is the primary care facility for expecting mothers throughout the health region. But that esteemed reputation has come under fire.

Within the last year, four women have come forward. They claim they were pressured into getting sterilized at the hospital’s maternity ward.

It was a practice used against Indigenous women right up until the 1970s. So it shouldn’t be happening in this day and age, right?

Cullen Crozier | Originally aired January 27, 2017

Clash at Standing Rock

We’re going to take a deeper look at the battle against the so-called black snake near Standing Rock, North Dakota. For months it was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

That was until powerful images of people and horses being hit with rubber bullets, peppered sprayed and tasered hit social media.

Dennis Ward presents Clash at Standing Rock, originally aired Nov. 25, 2016.

Dennis Ward | Originally aired November 25, 2016

History Decolonized

Statues across the world are coming down to stop the memorialization of controversial historical figures.

APTN Investigates dug into the centre of the debate surrounding Edward Cornwallis, the founder of Halifax. One of the policies enacted under his leadership was a bounty offered for Mi’kmaq scalps.

Trina Roache | Originally aired February 16, 2018

Justice for Colten

Colten Boushie was shot by white farmer Gerald Stanley as he was sitting in a vehicle with friends.

The story polarized the nation – especially when Stanley was found not-guilty of the crime.

Now, the Boushie family has launched a two million dollar lawsuit against Stanley and the RCMP.

Rob Smith | Originally aired March 16, 2018

Last Resort

Wilderness Challenge camps came into vogue in the 1970s. Pitched as “last resorts” for so-called juvenile delinquents to reform themselves deep in the Canadian wilderness.

But allegations of brutal abuse shut down one Saskatchewan outfit despite a government report that apparently exonerated them.

Now, 40 years later Chris Read takes survivors back to the place in the woods that still haunts them.

Chris Read | Originally aired November 2, 2018

Racism in the Ranks

Reporter Trina Roache was invited into a secret Facebook group for RCMP members and she was shocked by the racism posted there.

As she dug deeper, it became clear that for Indigenous people in Canada, the relationship with police has always been fraught.

Trina Roache | Originally aired April 27, 2018

Truth? Or Reconciliation?

As the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement wound down in 2016, it was clear to reporter Kathleen Martens that not all survivors felt reconciled or heard.

She went across the country for this one-hour special and spoke to survivors about how the settlement affected their lives.

Kathleen Martens | Originally aired June 23, 2017