Family not allowed to put a headstone on daughter’s grave

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A Winnipeg family who lost their loved one in a tragic accident in September has more bad news.

Now they can’t place a headstone on her grave.

APTN’s Shaneen Robinson has the story.

3 thoughts on “Family not allowed to put a headstone on daughter’s grave

  1. This is not right at all,this family deserves a headstone for there daughter.This is disrespectful what they are doing to this family in Winnipeg.Let them have there grave stone.So this family can lay there daughter to rest at peace.

  2. I understand the cemetery’s point as I have the same problem with my half brother, his half brother and their mother. The ashes from the brother’s were put in the casket with their mother, but another brother receive the insurance money while doing time and never paid. It’s a sad thing and I hope this family get’s what they deserve and put closure to the loss of their loved one.

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