‘It’s not my secret to keep’: Sex assault survivor tells her story

Leslie Cawley kept it secret for decades allowing it to fester.

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6 thoughts on “‘It’s not my secret to keep’: Sex assault survivor tells her story

  1. Brave, beautiful woman! I applaud you for your courage and strength! Secracy gives sexual assault POWER! Your VOICE is being heard. Your abuser has LOST his power! Stand Tall. Stand Strong. You are a HERO! Love and prayers are flying out to you!

  2. Thank you for showing us all that secrets keep us sick and offenders free to abuse. His sentence is definitely not fitting to the violation because Cindy carried this with her for a lot longer than 18 months. Bless you Cindy ….

  3. God bless you yes you tell who it was and take back your power He is the Criminal and the public should know .. That way they will see the face of evil!

  4. Leslie Cawley is a very brave lady. I applaud her for coming forward and placing the guilt on the person responsible David Couch. What is sad is he only received 18 months instead of 18 years.

    Many more are carry a burden that is not theirs and should report their abusers.

  5. Sexual Abusers need to be accountable for their actions. Thank you for sharing your horrific story.

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