Congress of Aboriginal Peoples ‘caught off guard’ with INAC split

“We’re waiting to see what exactly, what this implies for CAP.”

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8 thoughts on “Congress of Aboriginal Peoples ‘caught off guard’ with INAC split

  1. Hard to believe some people want INAC around these days but so be it. On another front, the majority of Indigenous peoples now live away from reserves, usually in the major towns and cities. While many of them maintain ties to their First Nations, they face unique challenges in the big population centers. Let’s understand that these folks are free to associate with others, and to join groups they feel can help them. We may not like those groups but Indigenous people can hang-out with people they like and make common cause with organizations and institutions of their choice. Groups like CAP serve a purpose for Indigenous people living in urban settings across the country. Let them do their jobs.

  2. There is NO separation this is an unlawful tactic by Trudeau because he is being sued at the United Nations!
    Also bragging saying that you represent ALL lineal ancestors and that they are recognized NO they are NOT and YOU have equally tried to silence them! Same as Federal government!
    The reality ALL Chiefs need to go NOW to elections canada and have their area declared a riding and hold bi elections have candidates from conservatives green ndp liberal etc all run and then send an MP to Parliament have Chiefs organize this NOW! it is your right to do so! You violate the people if you don’t! How do you expect issues of watertreatment and schools and transportation to be address Jane Philpot is not going to do so and Carolyn Bennet has not yet! trudeau is only altering now because he is being sued!

    Chiefs asap GO TO ELECTIONS CANADA have your reserves declared as a riding and organize a bi election send Mps to the Parliament it is YOUR RIGHT to do so! Right away! trudeau can not block it!

    West minister style parliament has ALL Nations under a Nation recognized! Like scotland ireland wales they ALL send Mps to britain to represent themselves so why don’t you all do the same in Canada?
    Go to elections canada right away! Ask them to have your reserve lands declared a riding and hold bi elections and when you send an elected official then YOU CAN HAVE DIGNITY AND REPRESENT YOURSELVES! Not remain a ward of the state! Do you realize under law “Indians” were made Wards as seen as though they are mentally unfit! THAT is why the separate status NOT because of your ethnic rights! It is degrading that you are treated like wards of the state as feudal serfs enslaved to the crown you are NOT! Emancipate yourselves have dignity set a positive proactive healthy example of empowerment for the younger generation! Go to elections Canada and require them to acknowledge your land district must be recognized and if they fail take THAT to the courts that you are being treated as slaves and made to live under an apartheid system until they officially recognize that you are free and equal and entitled to representation in the Parliament!

  3. Sounds like a stal tactic… That way Prime Minister Trudeau doesn’t have to honor all his election campaign promises…

  4. No one really knows what the Congress of Aboriginal people even does for First Nation people?? They appear to be self serving of them selves???

    1. Cheryl says: “No one really knows what the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples even does for First Nation people??”

      FYI, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) represents the thousands of marginalized Inuit, First Nation and Metis peoples across Canada who are not represented by the other four (4) recognized indigenous organizations in Canada.

      As their representative, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples was instrumental in assisting Steve Powley, a member of its Ontario affiliate at the time, in achieving his successful Supreme Court landmark ruling in 2003 that recognized Metis rights in Canada.

      More recently, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples and a member of one of its affiliates, Harry Daniels, were both appellants/respondents in the Supreme Court of Canada Case that decreed in 2016 that so-called “Non-Status” Indians and Metis people were “Indians” under the Constitution of Canada and consequently were under “Federal” responsibility.

      As a result, there should no longer be any colonial inspired discrimination between so-called “Status” and “Non-Status” First Nation peoples…..

      Now we know what the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples does for First Nation people.

      1. Congress of Aboriginal People does NOT even have all the status let alone all the ancestral lineal ancestors of first Nations under it. So how do they represent all? Trudeau is just trying to divide people again! This is not going to get resolves until all First Nations send Mp’s to Parliament to be part of the process and be a decision maker and a representative of the people!

        Please all go to elections Canada and require them to recognize your areas as separate ridings and hold bi-lections send Mp’s to the House of commons!

        Why are you all settling for less than you deserve! Equal recognition and representation!

  5. Surely all of the different large representative First Nations bodies should have been consulted about the split before it was announced?

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