Trudeau says Brazeau not "sincere" about support for inquiry into murdered, missing Aboriginal women

Liberal leadership candidate Justine Trudeau took a twitter jab at Patrick Brazeau Tuesday over the Conservative Aboriginal Senator’s recent support for a national inquiry into the high number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women across the country.

APTN National News
Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau took a twitter jab at Patrick Brazeau Tuesday over the Conservative Aboriginal Senator’s recent support for a national inquiry into the high number of murdered and missing Aboriginal women across the country.

Brazeau, an Aboriginal Conservative Senator, tweeted a photo of a pile of reports Tuesday morning from the Cohen inquiry into the decline of salmon stocks in British Columbia with a comment saying he wished the same could be done for Aboriginal women.

“Wish we could have the same for our missing and murdered Abo-women!”

Brazeau later told APTN National News that a national inquiry was “the right thing to do.”

Trudeau, however, responded to Brazeau’s statement by tweeting that the Senator once sent him a message saying “missing/murdered already dealt with.”

Trudeau, who beat Brazeau in a charity boxing match earlier this year, then questioned Brazeau’s sincerity.

“Sorry Pat, but I don’t believe you’re sincere,” tweeted Trudeau.

Brazeau shot back at Trudeau on Twitter writing, “Concentrate on your leadership bid and I’ll concentrate on what I need to do but (thanks) for your input.”

The Conservative government has deflected calls for a national inquiry, arguing it is already doing enough.

Trudeau recently launched his campaign for the leadership of the Liberal party and, given the enthusiasm and media attention around his campaign, is the assumed front-runner.

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1 thought on “Trudeau says Brazeau not "sincere" about support for inquiry into murdered, missing Aboriginal women

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