Sorting out day schools and claims for compensation on InFocus

More than a decade of waiting, many Indian day school survivors can now apply for compensation of between $10,000 and $200,000.

The amount depends on their experience at the schools.

But Ottawa has deemed only half – about 700 schools – are eligible.

The other half – some 680 schools, sanatoriums and other facilities – they said, weren’t entirely run or funded by the Government of Canada and are excluded from the settlement.

APTN InFocus sorted through what this all means, and tried to break down the jumble of information and misinformation that’s out there, muddying the waters for people who attended these schools and facilities as part of Canada’s historical assimilation policies.

In addition to an informative Q and A with APTN veteran reporter Kathleen Martens, and Steve Cooper, from the law firm that’s started a class-action suit for those left out of the settlement, APTN News has launched a website APTN News Day Schools for people unsure of how to apply for compensation.


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