Raw video: Manitoba responds to APTN’s CFS and the sex trade story

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WINNIPEG – After a heated debated in the Manitoba Legislature Thursday over an APTN National News story that put a spotlight on the role the province plays in feeding Winnipeg’s sex trade, the minister responsible for children in care spoke to reporter Jaydon Flett.

Family Services Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross was asked how long her government has known children in Child and Family Services sometimes end up in the sex trade on the streets of Winnipeg.

Irvin-Ross was also asked how she sleeps at night knowing current and former CFS kids are on the streets surviving through selling sex.

CFS critic, MLA Ian Wishart, put questions to Irvin-Ross in the Manitoba Legislature Thursday during Question Period. He said government policy has put CFS kids in dangerous situations.

Wishart also said documents show the province continued to use a third-party company to watch foster kids in hotels despite receiving over 100 complaints the last two years.

APTN will have a full story on Friday’s broadcast.

Reporters Jaydon Flett and Kenneth Jackson continue to follow leads. To reach them submit a message below.

The original story – Manitoba’s CFS girls: How the province feeds Winnipeg’s sex trade.


Investigative Reporter

Kenneth Jackson is based in Ottawa, Ont. and has worked more than two decades in the business. He got his start in community newspapers before joining the Ottawa Sun in 2007 where he worked the police beat.

In 2011, Jackson joined APTN to break the Bruce Carson scandal with Jorge Barrera that sparked three federal investigations into the former senior advisor to then Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Carson was later convicted of fraud sparking a court battle to the Supreme Court of Canada. The conviction was upheld and based entirely on APTN’s investigation.

Jackson has focused, almost exclusively, on the child welfare system in Ontario over the last five years. The work has earned multiple awards, including the 2020 Michener Award.

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  1. O boy. Non answers… Quiet on the facts… No responsibility. I understand this is a major challenge that few countries have had success in. No chance of moving forward if there is no leadership or vision… Or even imagination! To help this issue.

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