Ottawa failing First Nations children: FSIN

The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations is one of those organizations facing cuts.

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The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations is one of those organizations facing cuts.

But they’re also blasting the federal government for failing to keep an election promise to First Nation children.

APTN National News reporter Larissa Burnouf has this story.

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2 thoughts on “Ottawa failing First Nations children: FSIN

  1. The entire game of education is a failing system. Original children who are not being educated in Ontario due to tuition payments, need to keep their books open at home and teach from home. We can do so much BETTER without the system dictating to us that we need to have them study this and that. I am sickened to hear that they are doing this in Ontario, but WE must become self sufficient and do it on our own. If they will not pay for our education, then we MUST EDUCATE OURSELVES. ALL those who have a degree or even graduated from High School can teach and tutor. We can have home school co-ops and work one on one with our children. THIS IS OUR TIME TO SHINE!!!!

  2. We are in Ontario and my daughter has just started high school but she was sent home because her tuition has not been paid. I have been trying to get tuition money for her since August 13th when I found out nobody wanted to pay the tuition. She is full blooded First Nation member and only 14, why wont her tuition be paid. I can’t even get a hold of anyone who can help us at AANDC and her own rez wont pay because they say they have no money for that. What is going on, not only is Ottawa breaking treaty but also giving one race of people less then anther. Our leaders are failing us.

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