Dene author Eileen Marlowe blends spirituality and art in new book

Eileen Marlowe credits meditation for inspiring her artistic creations on canvas.

Her large abstract artworks feature vibrant colours, textures, geometric shapes, and symbols.

“I may be thinking about a particular thing or issue or situation, and with that in mind, I will paint and look to transform that particular issue or thing that I’m dealing with,” Marlowe said. “I honestly feel that it does something to me inside, that it makes some sort of shift inside me.”

The Chipewyan Dene artist aligns herself spiritually, seeking guidance every day.

She is sharing her journey of self-discovery in her first book The Call to Connect with Spirit.

She presents a step-by-step guide for achieving self-awareness through meditation.

“We were not taught to think from our heart space, we were taught to think from our head,” Marlowe said. “The type of thinking that comes out of us is divide, conquer, compete, and control type of mentalities, and, and it’s ingrained in every single one of us.”

Marlowe, a successful professional, decided to pursue a PhD and began practicing meditation amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, aiming to approach things in a new way.

“I learned that there’s something inside my heart that exists for my highest good, and I’ve also learned that it’s this place here that has changed my life,” she said.

Marlowe said her book questions the necessity of institutional wellness spaces for healing, advocating for creativity as a quiet form of healing.

“Healing can take place right in your living room or in your kitchen, wherever you have your stuff set up,” Marlowe said. “Yes, it does have the potential to stir up some uncomfortable feelings inside of you, but that’s the beauty of art, you can take that feeling, and work with it, and transform it.”
The book implies that similar to art, healing is a process that requires dedication to overcome obstacles.

“You need to know who you are, what matters to you, what do you want to do, and how do you want to be in this world,” Marlowe said. “Finding out what is that one, two or three things, excuse me, that bring you to a place of love and joy.”

The Call to Connect with Spirit is currently being printed for distribution at independent book sellers. Marlowe is planning an in-person launch soon.

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