Nation to Nation: Specific claims process to be overhauled again

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1 thought on “Nation to Nation: Specific claims process to be overhauled again

  1. Canada also needs to overhaul the Interim Comprehensive Land Claims Policy too where it seeks extinguishment of indian title before paying peanuts for it, Canada has been criticized by the U.N Special Rapporteurs since the nineties of using underhanded tactics in requiring aboriginal nations to surrender and extinguish their land titles in exchange for Canada’s payout. The U.N. Special Rapporteurs in their periodic reports against Canada since the nineties have made recommendations that Canada should negotiate with its Indigenous peoples nations as equal partners and not requiring them to surrender or extinguish their land titles as required by their Interim Comprehensive land claims policy. But Canada has not heeded the U.N. Special Rapporteurs recommendations during the past decades in removing the surrender and extinguishment clauses because it says to the U.N. Commission that their indian act Band councils dont have a problem accepting their land claims policy or the money that comes with it. Of course the indian act band chiefs dont have a problem with taking Canada’s millions that gives them flexability to spend those monies as they see fit, its an industry in itself where outrageous salaries are paid to politicians, administrators along with their family and friends, so why rock the boat.

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