More Winnipeggers speak out about food banks forcing religion on users

APTN National News
More people are speaking out about the uncomfortable connections between religion and food banks.

On Tuesday, APTN had the story of a Winnipeg man, who’s been turned away from a food bank, after raising concerns about their so-called “volunteer life program” that contains lifestyle expectations that volunteers are expected to follow.

APTN’s Dennis Ward now reports others are coming forward to say they’ve also felt religion was forced upon them when all they really wanted was food for their family.

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5 thoughts on “More Winnipeggers speak out about food banks forcing religion on users

  1. Are you surprised? These people think it’s perfectly ok to prey on addicted people in AA and use that forum as a recruiting tool.
    Organised religion cares less about helping and more about recruiting. It has always been this way and will only change when the last organised religion dies.

  2. Some good coverage and expansion on the issue. Althea said that food is a human right. But is it in Canada? I think Canada helped to write the UN Charter on the right to food in 1967. I do not believe it has been ratified by our Federal and Provincial governments. If it were we would likely not have to line up at foodbanks to ask for handouts. A huge issue left to be dealt with by charities, that is not justice. We often belittle the US for their treatment of the poor but they at least provide 47 million US citizens with food stamps, now called the snap program. An eligible single participant can receive up to $194 USD per month via a debit card. A great deal more dignified.

  3. After seeing and hearing the video a few thoughts came to my mind. I believe there could be some fanatics that would try to force religion upon others, but I also believe that offering salvation to someone is NOT forcing religion.
    We need to cipher the difference between forcing and offering. We also have to recognize that all good things come from above and should be accepted as a gift from God. At the same time we need to be good stewards of that which is given to us. If someone interprets as offering them the way of salvation is being forced to religion, maybe they should think again before they come to the food bank for food. I am also involved in a faith based food bank and also try to do good by helping others in need. We also need to expect to receive flack from the opposition, but that should not keep us from doing what is right.

  4. I wonder what the (relatively) new Freedom of Religion would say to this? Would freedom from religion be considered something that falls within their purview?

  5. I don’t think eigion should be used as a requirement for food. It makes me sick when catastrophe happens and christians wanna send bibles to ppl who need food and water!?!?? Really SICKENING

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