Manitoba RCMP escorted First Nation hockey team from rink after game took racial turn

The Norway House Northstars met the Thompson, Man., Miners in a hockey game last weekend that turned in an ugly racial incident.


APTN National News
The Norway House Northstars met the Thompson, Man., Miners in a hockey game last weekend that turned into an ugly racial incident.

The RCMP had to escort the Norway House team and their families from the arena and the incident is now under investigation.

The hockey game involved players as young as 15 years-old.

The game turned ugly quickly. A Norway House player was slashed in the head during play, breaking his helmet. Another Norway House player was assaulted by two adult men and a woman who yelled racial slurs at the player, according to witnesses.

The player’s mother told APTN National News her son had a blooded lip as he left the rink.

Officials stopped the game with eight minutes left in the second period. The RCMP was initially called to the rink midway through the same period.

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14 thoughts on “Manitoba RCMP escorted First Nation hockey team from rink after game took racial turn

  1. How this situation started was on the ice a Norway House player cross checked two Thompson players in the neck after the whistle was blown. This is a prejudice news station that only tells the part of the story that fits their views. Two words to describe this post that Im replying to are biased, and fiction.

  2. Very sad to read as racism is still an issue that has to be addressed by all. We all got racists in every group but should teach our kids its bad.

  3. Playing hockey back in my
    youth as an aboriginal hockey playing growing up in Thompson I seen time and
    time again from both side of the fence being called names and racial slurs I
    would travel MB south and be called INDIAN and I would travel The Pas MB and be
    called white boy. It would be very concerning that people are so quick to judge
    you on how you look as a human being. You have to wonder about how we are doing
    as a race by passing on our hatred towards another culture.

  4. racism will always be a problem in canada that will never change any time soon,weather it is silently said or spoken out loud and clear,racism first started when the whiteman first came to Canada ,racism will always be in Canada and the whiteman will always think and I mean(THINK ) they are better in everyway than aboriginal people in our country,thats my comment about racism today

  5. when any Native Teams plays against a white team the game is never ever fair. and as for the fans they should have gotten escorted out of the game along with the kid who can’t play fair. we see this all the time whether it’s Hockey or Lacrosse, white parents are racists and teaching their kids to hate. If I were there I would have pressed charges to teach them something.

  6. It looks like the haters have found a way to express their hate , in the the most cowardly manner available. This is a cowardly crime directed at youth and I hope all involved will be investigated and if necessary charged and processed in a timely manner. The sports association should also demonstrate 0 tolerance for this hurtful criminal behaior.

  7. First Don Cherry’s racial slurs about Maclean eating a seal burger, calling him a barbarian, which in turn caused a lot of backlash on social media, especially from the Inuit community. And now this? Bullying in Hockey has been going on for years and years and it’s about time it stopped. It’s 2015 people, I know unfortunately there will always be racists and people against the seal hunt (although it is humane, and 75% of the other meat we eat and pumped full of drugs and hormones.) But bullying and racism is taught and inherited. There is so much education and information about it in the media that it shouldn’t have to be a problem in this day and age, although it’ll never happen. The worst bullying in the sport of hockey is children being bullied by their parents to do better, and fighting matches between parents. It’s all fun and games, These situations are not necessary.

  8. All I got to say here in London..everyone went nuts cuz a fan threw a banana 9 the ice ..called racial cuz there was a African player on the ice…This bulls shit goes above n beyond racism at its worst..let’s see what happens…probably be pushed under the rug be cuz it involves natives..well the people in the wrong need to be dealt wasn’t a banana was a stick across a helmet with enough force to crack the helmet n physical contact to the face…such disgraceful behavior can only be given by disgraceful people is all I can say…I wonder who was winning…Most likely THE GOOD GUYS huh…

  9. Our national sport should bring us together NOT drive us further apart. Every Canadian should be disappointed and saddened by this event. Please parents teach your children to respect all others to celebrate our different cultures. We have so much we can learn from each other. We are all the same in so many ways, we all have the same hopes and dreams for our children and grandchildren. We are all Canadians and should show the world how people’s of different cultures can come together and all be the stronger and better for it. Scores some goals, have some fun and leave as friends, that’s what hockey is all about.

  10. What a disgusting display and how horrible for the Northstars and their families. Hope the RCMP treat this with the seriousness it deserves; if someone gets assaulted while having racial slurs yelled at them, that’s called a hate crime. Shameful.

  11. Maybe some fact checking is in order. The fights started when a player from NWH was ejected from the game for rough play and then punched a spectator in the head. Poor one sided reporting.

  12. way to go you pathetic excuses for human beings…grown ups picking on kids once again,,cowards!

  13. This is an absolutely shameful & disgusting incident!

    More needs to be done to penalize parents who behave like this in arenas during minor hockey games.

    I hope the adults will be charged, the players suspended & an apology offered to the Norway House Northstars!

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