Hosts of The Other Side bring their paranormal activity to the set of InFocus

The hosts of the APTN show The Other Side join InFocus host Melissa Ridgen for a ghostly hour of paranormal activity on the Halloween edition of InFocus.

The Other Side is a paranormal investigative show that airs on APTN each week as hosts Jeff Richards, Tom Charles and Michaella Shannon investigates paranormal activity in a variety of locations across the country.

The two ghost chasers tell stories of haunted hotels, family homes and abandoned buildings and where encounters include physical contact and meeting with loved ones.

Ridgen asked – do ghosts haunt the place or the person?

“I absolutely believe that it’s more likely to have a haunted person or object than it is to have a haunted space. I think that they’re drawn to people specifically,” said Richards. “I think that other individuals we had, experiences over the years and the seasons are drawn to us as a group.  Think of it as if they’re wandering through the fog and there are these brightly lit lamps that are attracting them and calling for them.

“When changes happen in your life, your perspective changes and sometimes that makes you more open, makes you seek or look for specific connections and I believe it’s just that lamp getting brighter and that’s why often they are attracted to us.”

Tom Charles is a spirit guide who helps protect the cast and crew while helping, in any way he can, the entities they encounter.

“They might recognize your voice in the distance and they want to attend to that voice. And then they recognize the voice and they want to make contact with that voice,” said Charles. “The caller is correct in saying that if there is a sudden death or sudden experience close to death, almost flat lined or almost flat lined, your body senses an increase.”

Charles went on to say, “Lots of things have happened in my life where technically I should be dead, but each time I have a different outcome on it, it increases my sensitivity, I guess.”

The Other Side documents the many encounters Charles, Richards and the rest of the cast and crew have had over the past three seasons.  Season four premiers on APTN this Halloween.

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