Heartbreak in KI First Nation after suicide of 11 year-old girl

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  1. So very sorry for the loss of these little girls. Words are so inadequate. My tears are flowing and my heart is broken for the loss of these children. Prayers that Creator is holding all of you in his hands.

  2. Sorry to hear, this breaks my heart to a million pieces, Creator please help the family and community and bring this baby in your wrapping arms and hug her and welcome her, and condolence to the family and community. from Qwelot Dar Harris of Chilliwack, BC Canada.

  3. I grieve today after reading of these suicides. In my heart A strong Spirit rises up to join with others who wish to unite in a strong Spirit to say “NO” to the guises of hopelessness and the depression, and the pain and hurt that would try to conquer in the lives of these young people. I ask Creator /God /Supreme to hear our prayer and cry. I ask your authority to intervene in these young lives and build up brick by brick a strong fortress of love, Joy and Peace, real Peace, Your Peace, around our young people who are being ensnared to listen to the negative lies. Grant Protection to the ears of their souls and spirit. And show us opportunities daily where we can speak life and hope and endurance. .Asking for Your comfort for those who share in the grief.

  4. I’m First Nation but I refer to myself as Native. I think the community needs to start thinking about moving away from their secluded area. These days children see a lot of media, technology is advancing and what I am trying to say is. Stop holding onto a reserve that is so far away from everyone, the kids need freedom (with watchful eyes) and they need a better education system. If people move closer to the cities things may change. Get the kids involved with good company and watch them grow. I always felt suicide in my small reserve of Sandy Bay First Nation and once I moved out on my own at 18 I eventually started working towards a better, happier me. Now I don’t think twice about suicide.


  5. What was the “suicide pact” the author mentioned? Are there groups or individuals speaking to these despondent young women (and men) of the opportunities and hope that are available to them, sharing their stories that could inspire confidence, optimism, life and faith, sharing testimonies of overcoming hopelessness? There is so much desperate, cynical, discouraging, demoralizing talk and behavior coming from adults who tend to forget that they are influencing a generation of young people who haven’t had years/ decades of memories about the seasonal nature of highs and lows and to develop needed coping skills and support systems. We adults can help by adjusting our attitudes and reaching out to those who feel desperate.

  6. Sorry for your loss. Thats so sad. I will pray to the grandmother’s and grandfather’s for safe travels in the afterlife. For this child.

  7. Oh my heart hurts for this community, my condolences to family
    They need more services to offer the youth of these reserves
    These kids are crying for it

    Youth centre

    Please listen to the nations cries
    From my heart to your community

  8. Please know That This is so painful to hear a Parent has lost their child so young… I am so very sorry your going through this. And to hear more than one family is going through the same, is an epidemic that needs to be stopped As Soon As Possible! ! Hug those children, steer them to the guidance they need, may they find their way before this Evil reaches anyone else!

  9. Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug First Nation and family of Alyssa Nanokeesic.

    Sending you Condolences and love to all your family and friends and the community.

    The creator is there for you always.
    The creator understands the pain and sorrow of his people of the past
    The creator’s hand has always been close by our side in case we are lost.
    The creator understands the cries our hearts and makes amends .
    The creator makes life and spirit of his beautiful people.
    The creator gives us strength to heal our broken heart’s.

  10. To the family, I’m sorry for your loss.
    This is truly tragic. I am finding it so hard to hear that children are driven to this outlet. It pains my heart. Wishing their is something that can be done to help them. This is a problem for many tribes too.
    Thoughts and prayers to this young, beautiful angel’s family. Once again I’m sorry for your loss.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss. Suicide rates have risen in the United States for years now my son was 17when he passed after shooting himself in the head. He wasn’t bullied, had a good home life. He was struggling with major clinical depression and anxiety. If you are feeling like you might hurt yourself please ask someone, a teacher, a friend’s parents, your parents your principal someone who will listen for help. You are important to many people even if you don’t feel like you are. My son thought no one would care, he was way. The funeral home was packed from top to bottom people were standing outside clear to the middle of the street and it was November here in Iowa. If anyone wants to talk message me for my phone number. I am founder of Glass, suicide awareness and prevention

  12. If LIQOUR is present in these isolated communities, I can see why the children see suicide as an out. I’ve talked with some people that come from isolated communities where LIQUOR was introduced. It was NOT a pretty picture that they described, it was very TRAUMATIC to hear the horror stories. I’m sorry for ALL those whom are going through this, and it’s a very real tragedy that can’t be fixed overnight. I know I’m generalising when I speak of LIQUOR, but it pretty much is the first and usual suspect.

  13. This is really heartbreaking suicide is or has been an impact in my life.my little brothers Junior who was 11 commited suicide in December 14, 2001 and my other baby brother Henry who was 8 also committed suicide in March 28, 2005. Recently my niece Harmony Okemow commented suicide in November 2016. My mother…… My mother also took her own life. She was found her boyfriend’s closet in July 26,2016… 6 days aftery birthday. She commited suicide. I too also said I WANT HER BACK I still said that after all these months. It really hurts to lose a mother especially to suicide. My mother left this world without saying bye and she left this world with pain in my heart. I will never be the same anymore. We seriously need to do something for these young people. We need to help and be there for them. It shouldn’t really matter if some people who are not educated to help others. I wish I can do something about this but I can’t. I will continue to keep everyone who are in he darkest in my prayer’s.

    1. Sheri, Blessings. My heart broke reading that you have had 3 suicides in your family. So very sorry for your losses. Hugs, Sweet Lady.

  14. My deepest condolences to each and all of the families who have had to live through and after this kind of tragedy.
    I don’t know how much an autopsy costs but with all the attending services required to get the remains of a person to an observation lab I am absolutely sure all that money (accumulated over the course of even 1 year) would do a lot more good than how it’s being spent now.
    Why can’t a community get the proper resources -human, financial, physical (buildings, offices, gynmasiums (sp? forgot) and social resources to look after the people in their communities? Gheese this makes me angry! If the suicide rate in White/Non-Aboriginal communities was as high as it is in OUR communities there would be an outrage and a demand for a NATIONAL Inquiry. I keep praying for justice not “just US” like my late and beloved Dad used to say. Prayers and semma offered

  15. My heart is broken for these families and for the young spirits of these children. I am at a loss for words to send you but know that all who read this have been touched and transformed but such heartbreaking stories and the grief your communities are suffering now.

  16. So sad to hear, I’ve been a helper for 27 years just breaks my heart and I will continue reaching out and sharing my comfort and love… pease and be kind to yourself

  17. unbelievable…I grew up on the rez too…There was much talk about suicide amongst my friends also but then we would switch it to a more positive note and I do remember our first conversation at 11 years old that when I get old .I want to have 5 children and finish school.I didn’t want to be like some of the very young brides on the reserve and start young.I stuck to that.Maybe at a young age we can get some girls to start thinking of their future way ahead of their time and make that plan.I am now 51 years old and I do have 5 children like I had planned years and years ago. I dropped out of school and I was nagged by my childhood buddy about it so I went back to school and I now have an associate of arts degree…It was annoying as a child but we want to make changes and to not be like our mothers and aunts and to make a good image and role model for our children..as hard as it was….we did it…my bestfriend passed away but her children are amazing and are following in their mothers footsteps…I believe mine are too who are all grown up and have jobs now and my only daughter is going back to taking courses and being a better person for her own daughter…I’m proud of who I have become…I’m proud that I had planned this life when I was 11 years old with my bestfriend and cousins 😀 I know this may not be the way for many but if you set personal goals and plan next year ahead..then you will always have something to look forward too….My deepest condolences to this young lady family..I wish you all the best in the coming future..I know there must be a way…there is always something to look forward tooo…the next day is always better and gets better every year..

    1. I pray you will have the opportunity to share your story of hope with other young women who feel hopeless like this one <3

  18. God Bless the souls of our beautiful knowledgeable indigenous young women. Let us give them something to which they can look forward, ladies nights, pampering, healthy options, tomboy inspiration, nature in it’s bountiful goodness. Let’s show the youth in nature that life in the city is shittier and everyone living in these horrid conditions wants life in nature having our Creator to show us how to grow our own nutrients, how we can see and feel that it is possible to nourish ourselves the way we breathe through the pollen of our herbs flowers and wind streaming through us. Free our homeland, allow us one hectare each in perpetuation for free.

  19. I am so saddened to hear this; suicide has touched many families, many hearts and there are no easy answers, no quick fixes. Hold each other dear, watch over one another, stay safe and live for another day.

  20. So very, very sad. And such a lovely little girl. To have no hope for the future at 11 yrs old is beyond imagining. 11 yr .olds are supposed to be hanging with friends, talking about maybe boys, life and silly ‘girl issues’.
    Not killing themselves.

  21. May her Life and Spirit be remembeted in each Grandfather setting Sun… May her Love continue to Shine in each Star high above all.. may she folic with Buffalo, Run Free and Wild with Wolf, may she Soar with Eagle above. May her Heart be healed of pain and sorrow… @

  22. Prayers of love and comfort for the family. May your pain be consoled and let love rule. May Jehovah’s blessings be upon you all as you cope with this heartbreaking loss.

  23. i am a survivor of an attempt when i was young… i understand the thoughts that can lead to this… at 66 my body is ravaged from living with all the untruths in this world … certain souls internalize what they see around them… i shall have to wait for release from lifes pain… may her spirit be at rest … dont let her act go unnoticed… its a heads up for all…

  24. I am sorry that such a flower as yours has been placed in heaven, among stars, where you will always remember her beauty. The earth is a sadder place because of your loss.

  25. My heart goes out to to the family, friends and community who are all suffering such unspeakable loss. May you all find the road to healing.

  26. The government need to step in and send these reserves help. This is way to much when young kids are committing suicide. Something has to be done and it has to be done asap like it should of been done years ago. This is enough Mr. Prime Minister help these people by giving them the things they need and the help they need.

  27. This is incredibly sad!! This has been going on for years and as usual the Gov’t is full of talk and no action. Money is not necessarily the answer but good substantial help certainly is!! There has to be something for these children to aspire to, to look forward to, to have dreams for themselves. My heart aches for them.


  29. I for one enjoyed uplifting and telling her beauty is just like her grandmother…
    Misconstrued…terrible how society has changed since I was a child

  30. I took a suicide intervention course 15 years ago – and really never thought that I would have to use it. However, a few years ago, I started a job at a Youth Health Centre. I would listen to youth and their problems. Sometimes I would get this sense that the issue was deep and heavy. The course instructs you to ask, “Are you having thoughts of suicide?” The first few times I felt that I had to ask this question it was tough. But then you almost see the relief in the child’s eyes. The next question you are to ask is, “Do you have a plan on how you are going to kill yourself?” Some say no – Some say ‘yes.’ Then it is a matter of getting them a life line. The help in rural communities is often difficult. The course is called ASIST. I have now used it over a dozen times. It gives you the courage to ask those tough questions.

  31. My deepest condolences to everyone affected! That was my home for 11 yrs as a child! It breaks my heart to think that the children nowadays are disappearing faster than the month goes by now! Someone needs to do something. ..it’s become an epidemic! May you rest peacefully little angel!

  32. It is so sad to hear of the death of another young person from a First Nation community. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and the community.

  33. Rest In Peace
    Sorry to the two girls families for their loss❤ Sending prayers and healing to you all. I can’t imagine how you guys must feel❤❤

  34. So many of us, the bullied and abused by the U.S. government and its cultural decline, feel the inhumane treatment as they crush other societies for their interests. I’m sorry you went through this, little one. Someday, humanity will be ONE; where we uphold one another appreciatively, condone one another non-judgmentally, enjoy one another non-discriminately, in a world society where money and secret interests don’t exist, harmoniously interacting with one another and nature.

  35. May the God of all comforts surround you all from 7 directions and give you peace, love and strength. I will prayerfully support you all as you grieve.

  36. OMG this news is so devastating to me as my tears are running down my face….I live in Thunder Bay and so want to assist these children in any way possible……Need to hear from them though on how to do this…:(

    1. I am truly sorry. I can’t find the right words, if any words can truly give comfort right now, but he and your family are in my thoughts tonight.

    2. The creator is with you and he know’s the life of everyone in this world we live , and he loves you ! I don’t know who you are, but all I am feeling right now is pain from my heart ! and I hear your cries as a mother and a grandparent ! Be strong !

  37. This is terrible … Has anyone discovered anything ???
    These poor babies … What is the meaning for those left to learn ???

  38. My heart goes out to you all! This is a great loss! Something is wrong here. Why are the young children feeling this way? Don’t they know that life is so greatly valued? My deepest condolences to you all of this community and family! God bless you and I pray this will stop! Very disturbing and tragic! My respects to all.

  39. My heart breaks for these kids who have lost all hope..may The creator guide her safely to the ancestors. Jus remember its a bad day not a bad life

  40. My heart goes out to the parents n family
    My heartfelt condolences..there are no words but I understand and feel the pain of losing a child to suicide..the pain that is in a parents heart that feels like someone made a cut in the heart…we may never know why but only ask Creator to bring comfort and strength not only for now but the days n months to come…even years…May God give you peace….

  41. Prayers…for comfort for the family. For healing for the community. For solutions and support. I am so sorry and have no useful words of comfort. No parent should have to deal with this and yet it seems to be growing exponentially.

  42. May she rest in paradise and her family & community find strength to heal and reach other youths

  43. So sad when our children and granchildren do this when they no where else to go to. I was told at one time there is a “Black Spirit” goes home to home to find victims who are feeling so hurt and lonely.
    There is so much that goes on in our communities, poverty, homelessness, education, poor housing issues, Alcohol/Drug addiction “Violence” Sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse and even Spiritual abuse and we are un-aware of our children because we live in this every day.
    Our people never had to worry about their children and grandchildren to take their lives along time ago but now days its changed so much from my days because family were always there for you, aunt, uncles, grandparents and cousin.
    I blame the outside world for this changing our children to live the (Eurupeons) white mans way. We are slowly losing our culture and traditions of who we are as “First Nations People” because of the outside world.
    I know words will never heal the pain the parents are going through but all we can do is help each other what our elders call “Medicine” for each other…being there for each other.
    I pray to our Creator for strength and guidance for the family.
    Huy Ch Qu (thank you)

    1. The ” outside world” is also changing, the village no longer raises it’s most precious children, families no longer ” sacred” as I was taught. It is so sad that we are loosing the Creators most precious gifts, our children! Does not matter in whom we pray to as we are all brothers and sisters. My condolences to all you who have lost so very much

  44. Awe no so heartbreaking. Im also a Mother of 5 kids. My oldest is 13. Im sorry for your loss. I Pray that you find some comfort right now. In Jesus Name.

      1. That was so insensitive, un- called for and just a ridiculous notion…Just because they are First Nation, they can’t believe in Your GOD…What does it matter what if any GOD they believe in!? There’s an epidemic of suicides going on!!

        1. Jesus, is not “God” … just to clarify. And yes, it’s inappropriate to assume religious affiliation for anyone OR impose your own!
          As a mother of a suicide victim, my thoughts are with this girl and her family and community, so very sorry for this ongoing epidemic that is taking our children from this world that is increasingly difficult for them to find their way in.

      2. Seriously? God is God….Jesus is his son…alot of First Nations still are Roman Catholic…even if we call him “Creator” He is still God…..but even your comment takes away from the point and the seriousness of this article

      3. amen prayers for the family in Jesus name Yes I’m First Nation and I know who Jesus is 🙂 I hope you do to .

      4. Araci…Really? Troll much?? Rosalie never said she is or isn’t First Nation. She expressed condolences. Which you need to do or leave. Who are you to question someone else’s faith?

      5. The girl is ascending to heaven on the back of your hurt feelings! berating people offering their condolences because a name offends you! Have some respect find another outlet for your hatred, learn some respect! May God himself carry her to her immortal home!

      6. Not all first nations believe in the tradional ways….heck i dont and never will. But have some respect. I know this lil girls mother.

    1. May this great cloud of grief for this family and community be lightened by the outpouring of love and support from around the World for you all especially the parents and grandparents of this beautiful innocent Child. Peace Light and Love from everyone in Ireland who have a huge sucicide rate. Blessings to you all.

    2. My heart is with your community. Our community has also gone through this, and we are still having some more movement that direction. Personally I feel that historical trauma has so much to do with this. We need to heal ourselves and our people, and we are…Prayer is so powerful. I would like to see someone organize an international prayer movement for all of our children throughout the nations. If we could set a date and time that all people would just stop for five minutes simultaneously and offer a prayer for our children to be strong-I think it would be so powerful!!! With the internet this is possible.

      1. If all the power can be shut off and left in the dark I feel that the light will return if we all joined hands and hearts for 5 mins to bring hope back into the light of life. God bless your thought and heart. My hand joins with you in prayer to find a way to heal these troubled souls. May God shine a light to show that darkness only exists at night not in our heart or soul. May others join their hands in a circle of prayer.

    3. why cant the goverment do sommthig about these things if it was 1 of their children they get off there asses and do somthing elect some 1 who understand these problems no that would be 2 smart 4 those ass sitters 2 understand RIP SWEETY

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