Frank Magazine terminates ‘Operation Give a Dog a Bone,’ boots Brazeau

Frank Magazine ends suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau’s freelancing career

(Update: Frank Magazine Editor Andrew Douglas said Brazeau published 1.5 columns. Copy has been updated)

APTN National News
Suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau was dumped by the East Coast’s Frank Magazine after publishing 1.5 columns for the Halifax-based satirical periodical.

The news of Brazeau’s bumbled new career move surfaced this week in an apology to readers written by Frank Magazine editor Andrew Douglas.

“Operation Give a Dog a Bone has been terminated,” wrote Douglas, in column titled, Please forgive me, in the latest issue of the magazine.

Douglas wrote that Brazeau was an unreliable freelancer who would “inexplicably drop off the map for a day or two, not answering emails or telephone calls.”

Douglas wrote that Brazeau even stood up Douglas on a planned radio interview.

“One of (Brazeau’s) disappearing acts occurred on Dec. 2 when he and I were scheduled to appear in tandem on Ottawa talk radio. Instead, the host spent most of the segment asking me–live on the air–what the hell happened to Brazeau.”

Brazeau refused to discuss the issue when reached on his cell phone by APTN National News.

“No comment,” said Brazeau.

Douglas also wrote that Brazeau’s article writing proved to be equally disappointing after the sidelined senator turned in a 1,200 word eye-glazer for his first column.

“There wasn’t anything new. A lot of it read like that hail Mary speech he gave last fall before the Senate gave him the boot,” wrote Douglas. “We’ve only got one shot at this, I told him. Everyone’s paying attention. A rant devoid of new information, insight or perspective is useless, I advised.”

Brazeau, however, couldn’t be motivated, even after Douglas “peppered the pep-talk with war metaphors” to no avail.

“His response? ‘If the draft piece isn’t good to run…perhaps the idea of freelancing wasn’t a good one.’ Good thing he doesn’t give up easy, eh?” wrote Douglas.

It seemed that Brazeau had his eye on his return to the Red Chamber, wrote Douglas.

“He also mentioned something about having principles…hinting there would be lots he couldn’t reveal. He wanted to rock the boat a tiny little bit, but he couldn’t risk flipping the thing over,” wrote Douglas. “Here was a man who very much wants to begin collecting a Senate salary again in 2015 and continue to collect it for the next 35 years.”

Brazeau’s one column was published in late December in the 679 issue of Frank and half a column in the 680 issue. The half column contained swipes at former Conservative Senate leader Marjory LeBreton who Brazeau called a “puck bunny” along with claims Brazeau worked from Monday to Friday and that he received an “anything but warm welcome” to the Senate following his appointment.

That column, however, included an insertion from the Frank editor.

“Sorry to butt in like that, but that’s quite enough of that column,” the editorial insertion said.

In his “forgive me” column, Douglas wrote that Ottawa Frank’s Michael Bate had initially pitched the idea of sharing Brazeau. Douglas wrote that he initially balked at the idea, but times had changed.

Frank Magazine columnist Patrick Brazeau is no more. He has ceased to be,” wrote Douglas. “Mr. Bate, he’s all yours. Thank you, and once again, sorry about that.”

Ottawa Frank could not be reached for comment.

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