First Nation sues Ottawa, province over outstanding land claim

The Canadian Press
WINNIPEG _ A Manitoba reserve is suing Ottawa and the province over a 21-year-old land claim agreement.

The Roseau River First Nation says terms of the decades-old deal promised that between 5,800 and 16,000 acres would be set aside as reserve property.

The lawsuit alleges only one per cent of the minimum agreement has been fulfilled, and that it was supposed to be completed by 2011.

The suit also says in the meantime, both levels of governments and their Crown corporations have disposed of surplus lands without consulting Roseau River.

The lawsuit contends the governments have acted in “an arbitrary, oppressive and high-handed manner, with complete disregard for the long-standing rights and entitlements of the First Nation.”

The claim is seeking general, equitable and punitive damages.

The allegations have not been proven in court.


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1 thought on “First Nation sues Ottawa, province over outstanding land claim

  1. Along with outstanding claim of band dismemberment of Alta bands on what are now cities! No real respect given to decendants of native families who give up land for settlers! Provincial governments help with denial.

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