Interview with St. Anne’s Indian Residential School Claimant K-10106: Betrayal, again

K-10106 can’t be identified by name as a result of ongoing litigation, but the survivor from St. Anne’s wants to make it clear the continued battles before Ontario’s courts are not about narrow definitions of jurisdiction and settlement law, but about pain in the flesh, blood and soul.

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7 thoughts on “Interview with St. Anne’s Indian Residential School Claimant K-10106: Betrayal, again

  1. A survivor. A child. One was just a child . A child of five.
    What if your parents had no formal writ way to sign on the line to formally have their child enter the institution? And become state wards to institutional care. That is treason. An X signature is not a legal claim to take a child away from their parents / Family for years. For what a better life!?? This person was forced into a system made up of numbered greed. Every human right of dignity stripped. Someone initiated most every child to be taught to hate. The child’s pain was so great the perpetrator (s) made the hollowness., the shallowness, into one of shame and guilt to kill maime every Indian child until every memory was erased. history has surfaced. The child is now an adult. Unveil every evil. As formal students we have witnessing.

  2. Sickening that students would gang rape another student. And this survivor has had to be re-victimzed again, and again. History keeps repeating 🙁

  3. We talk and talk about victims and the sick and inhumane things done to the victims, but we don’t talk much about the many different organizations doing the abuse I.e The gouvernment, priests, nuns , sick people willing to do the abuse hired off the street, royal mounted police and who else lets shine the light on the abusers as if you notice gets added to every year when they think we are not paying attention

    1. your right, why can’t the catholic church be held financially responsible for the programs etc to help with the healing, as they were the biggest abusers.

  4. I can’t believe the courage of this IRS Survivor. I can’t believe the cowardice of the lawyers…and the government of Canada. I can’t believe that some of these lawyers have the intestinal fortitude to wake up in the morning and look at themselves. This is Canadian law? Law that allows lawyers to work both sides of the case? How outlandish! These Survivors ought to be given the Order of Canada for just living through the abuse they did, and having the courage to stand up for themselves and their peers who suffered as they did. Shame on Canada. Shame on Nelligan, Payne and O’Brien. Shame on the Catholic church. Shame on any Canadian who doesn’t stand up for the rights of kids. Shame shame shame.

    1. I agree with you completely!! These children were raped and beaten and burned with cigarettes??? My God in heaven…how could any normal adult do these things? How can lawyers fight to protect the kind of animals who did these things? If any of them are still alive, or even if they aren’t, they should be named and shamed, and if still alive, should be punished with a jail term, and naming and shaming. Shame on the Catholic church for ‘overlooking’ this kind of behaviour and treatment of these innocent children. Unfortunately, all religions attract rejects and sickos, and that can’t be helped, but as soon as they are found out, they should be made to answer for their crimes.

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