Elder heartbroken as RCMP drops investigation into Keeseekoose First Nation

“A month, a month and half and it’s all over? It’s sick. I guess that is what we are worth to them.”

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5 thoughts on “Elder heartbroken as RCMP drops investigation into Keeseekoose First Nation

  1. Straight Talk
    I for one believe you when the third party managers, or co- managers are working for the bands, here they are hiring there own people to do the work or bringing products like gravel and construction material from people they know. Why do u think that is so? If I can see this why can’t the government agencies, grand councils, etc. we cannot sit there and watch this anymore, hire accountable people or companies that do proper work.

  2. Anti -Trust Law….. That is the basis for everything, the TRUSTEE (PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE), SUB-TRUSTEE (Indian Affairs) and the EXECUTOR (The CROWN) have been involved with thee many decades, nay… centuries…. Adolf Hitler said; “A lie, told loud enough and long enough becomes the truth. He, like the CROWN are all part of the MASONIC ORDER aka Illuminati. This is no conspiracy theory, it is a fact. Whether some choose to believe or disbelieve is up to them. Those who keep their eyes shut are usually the ones who can not believe that they have been living a lie A l l T h e i r L i v e s ? I was one of them till I stepped up and challenged.

  3. I feel so sorry that the RCMP can not investigate.. no wonder the Bands can never seem to get ahead.. I once loaded my car with bags of garbage because there was no garbage disposal to pick it up. The young mom had it stashed in her basement so dogs wouldn’t rip the bags and scatter garbage around. The smell was so bad!! She had to bleach and scrub her basement to get the smell out.. It can get pretty bad when the system breaks down. I hope APTN will do their own investigation!!

  4. I still don’t understand I am a Keeseekoose band member. How can Government Indian Affairs Regional office in Regina allow this
    Chalupiak/ Dynamic to be our Co Managers? When Chalupiak/ Dynamic has been Keeseekoose First Nation auditors since 1995. In 2015 the role switched to Co managers. Isn’t this a conflict of interest? If we have to live like this maybe it’s time to go third party. Unbelievable. It’s posted a throrough investigation. Wow I’m shocked with disbelief. KKFN # 367 concerned band member. In support of the Elders.

    1. Make a petition with autographs from your members and ask to be put on thirds party management…remember, inac hires their own investigators. Their own co managers….they all work from the same building.

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