No charges laid against Canadian Tire employee who confronted First Nation man in store

A First Nations man is fearing the worst now that criminal charges won’t be laid against a former Canadian Tire employee he says roughed him up.

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6 thoughts on “No charges laid against Canadian Tire employee who confronted First Nation man in store

  1. straight talk
    This is Saskatchewan at it’s finest. The injustice continues to FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE in a province rooted in racism. Trying to find a way out of this situation is a disgrace to the morons who act as prosecutors, lawyers, judges and u want to be trusted. give me a break.

  2. The real problem is Canada provides no representation for Indigenous people on any level Education, Law, Governance and at the very heart of all this injustice is how history was written from a White Racist Eurocentric patriarchy. There needs to be decolonization on every level to change the racist stereotype.

  3. It is sad for Canada 2017 that racism still exists either outright or systemically against people of colour. We don’t have an Indian problem, an Asian problem, nor a black problem, we have a white problem. Much like the inter generational problem of the residential school and sixties scoop, racists today also carry the racism from one generation to the next. To address this problem, there needs to be a massive education and awareness program on the negative impact of racism throughout the education system.

  4. There is no reason for the Crown to have decided that Camao Cappo should endure an assault by a Canadian Tire employee because it is not prove able that the employee was incorrect in his assessment that Camao Cappo was stealing and and that the assault was therefore possibly vindicated. Is this the policy of Canadian Tire? Are the employees able to assault people they decide must have stolen something based on the race of the person assaulted? The video can’t be found?
    The whole situation smaks of hostile assaultive racism. If Canadian justice is not offended by the very idea of the Crown not acting on this assault and laying charges, of the Crown being both negligent and incompetent, the truth is that there is no real justice in Canada! The Department of Justice should be coming into play here.

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