Controversy flares over election of NWT politician twice convicted of spousal abuse

Community members are speaking out

APTN National News
The Northwest Territories has re-elected a politician twice convicted of spousal abuse and community members are speaking out about it.

APTN’s Iman Kassam has this story from Yellowknife.

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1 thought on “Controversy flares over election of NWT politician twice convicted of spousal abuse

  1. The results of the election showed that
    voters in the Deh Cho recognize and have great confidence in Michael Nadli’s
    demonstrated leadership abilities and commitment to his constituency. The
    majority of votes cast among various other candidates and expressed outrage
    that any recently convicted person could run for elected office points to a
    different expectation constituents have of leaders. Regardless, democracy rules
    that Mr. Nadli is the representative for Deh Cho in the Legislative Assembly.

    As Mr. Nadli points out his focus is on
    moving forward. In support of that, I offer the following insights:

    1. I am not a believer in 2nd chances
    because if it were capped at that very low number, I would have been counted
    out and discarded many times over. I am a believer in a lifetime of learning
    and and opportunities to do things better. The question is never about falling,
    but about finding the wisdom and strength to pick ourselves up. Evidence of
    understanding this is in the compassion we find for ourselves and others.

    2. Experiences, especially traumatic
    incidents can keep people trapped in negative ways of being for a lifetime.
    Change requires fearless, constant, inward reflection to find out what
    particular thoughts and memories keep us imprisoned. It also takes support from
    others to correct myths and misperceptions that hold us hostage. Evidence of
    understanding this is in not giving ourselves a pass and not letting others
    around us do it either. It is in our nature and theirs to simply wish it all

    3. Our ability to change can inspire others
    to change. Hopefully, our family and community members are the first beneficiary
    of that change. Community members have privately and publicly blamed your wife
    for the violent assault you committed against her. Stepping up to publicly
    correct that misperception is a sign you are prepared to move forward in a
    healthy way. You ignored the pressing issue of addressing historic and
    current-day trauma that leads to epidemic rates of violence and other social
    challenges across the North when you listed your priorities. Given your
    first-hand knowledge of its negative impact on your personal and professional
    life and that of your family, its placement as your #1 priority would indicate
    you are positioned to move forward.

    In closing, I wish you well and look
    forward to supporting you in your work over the next four years.

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