Alberta court overturns murder acquittal in Cindy Gladue case

The Canadian Press
The Alberta Court of Appeal has ordered a new trial in the case of an Ontario trucker who was acquitted of first-degree murder in the death of an Indigenous woman.

A jury found Bradley Barton not guilty last September in the 2011 death of Cindy Gladue.

Gladue body was found in a bathtub in an Edmonton motel room.

She bled to death after a night of what Barton called consensual, rough sex.

The Court of Appeal says there were serious legal errors during the trial, including how the judge charged the jury about Barton’s conduct and on the law of sexual assault relating to consent.

The appeal panel says these errors negatively compromised the jury’s ability to properly assess the evidence and apply the law correctly.

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6 thoughts on “Alberta court overturns murder acquittal in Cindy Gladue case

  1. I’m glad to see this, but my heart goes out to her friends and family who have to re-live this every time.

  2. A very good example of how the Canadian judicial system deals with cases involving First Nation people! This guy needs to be behind bars.

    1. I believe you are correct. The just us system has never served native people and it looks very much like it never will.

  3. Its about time, seems to have taken forever. Maybe now after this is over and Barton found guilty my sister Donna can have a lil bit of closure. I pray this SOB gets what he deserves.

  4. That Judge should go back to school and take a course on Aboriginal History and stop wasting ppl’s time and miney. THIS will release some pain, anguish and resentment for that disrespectful judgement !! Thank God they have a measure in place to correct the wrongs and not allow biased rulings stand!

  5. Justice has not been served,the man should be charged with first degree murder regardless of any consent from the victim !!!!!!!!!1

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