Between the Peace Tower and the teepee: A Tribe Called Red’s DJ NDN challenges Mountie over Canadian pride

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16 thoughts on “Between the Peace Tower and the teepee: A Tribe Called Red’s DJ NDN challenges Mountie over Canadian pride

  1. Wonderful talk! Tribe Called Red music and this talk gives me hope that First Nations survivors of OUR genocide can be so inspired and uplifting still even now. Once we know about the genocide in our lifetime we must speak up or be complicit.

  2. cities across Canada were built on the forced sacrifice of indigenous peoples land and resources. Canada is celebrating it’s independence. now time to move up to “interdependence.”

  3. Suppression of Indigenous People on the eve of Canada Day: light that fire! Just lighten up you all. 150 years of no to Indigenous People, and endless attempts of destruction are more than enough.

  4. Mounties on duty are NOT allowed to make statements ‘on camera’, unless authorized by their higher ups. They have official spokespeople to answer questions. Answering with anything but ‘no comment’ could result in disciplinary action.

  5. Not a well put together article at all, everything he said at the end was drowned out by the music and to attack to regular person weather they are in Uniform or simply a bystander isn’t fair.

  6. I have faith that there will be a more positive relationship being possible with First Nations and the government……there is still much to do but progress is being made…’s unrealistic to expect everyone to be happy in a day….much healing has to occur….but the progress so far is a positive sign…..everyone needs to hold on to faith

  7. As a new Canadian who is also Australian I am very aware of the oppressed original people’s in both places. This is a rich country and the time has come to recognize that these peoples in both places were murder, raped and enslaved amongst other things. I know that in Tasmania, the original people where hunted for sport by the English occupiers to extinction. It is still the most successful genocide on the planet. Yay Oz.

  8. It’s sad that modern Canada has never been provided truth teachings about the real Kanata in school, that schools still teach a “The relationship between Natives and Colonials was a blessed friendship and meeting of people” lie to cover up truth. Schools don’t teach about the Genocide. About Residential Schools. The Sixties scoop. The centuries of hatred of our Indigenous Ceremonies and existence. No one is told at a young age that Ottawa is actually the original Village of Kanata. That it is Unceded Algonquin Anishinabe Nation Kichi Sibi Lands. Same with Montreal. No one is taught that the region is Unceded Kanien’kehá:ka Lands that from the River to New York were known as Caugnawaga – the Land beside the Rapids. Daily People Try to reinforce the idea that “They won, we lost, and I should get over it or leave”. I’m told how Natives get everything for free and should be grateful, or finally pay taxes and shut up. Reality is, I don’t know one Indigenous Person who doesn’t pay taxes. We pay for the same things non Natives are expected to pay for. Every one of them.

    I admire DJ NDN for standing up and being heard. And loudly. Every one of us should keep being heard. Until Jordans Principle is Honored. Until UNDRIP and the Articles of TRC are implemented. Until “Her Majesty’s Indians” – the line of Designation of PROPERTY, is removed from the Indian Act. Until the Sexism and Misogyny is removed from the Indian Act until the Funding Model of Systematic Indigenous Austerity is gone from how reserves are funded, and we expire the same level of Funding and supports Non Natives and Refugees take for granted and receive. Until all that, we should never remain silent.

    1. Respectfully, Mathew, the Chaudiere Falls, and Kanata is Unceded Kaniengehaga land. My family was illegally evicted from our Kaniengehaga Indian Reserve or Historical Rights-Bearing Community located in Hull, Quebec. We were disbanded by a Provincial Court who lacked jurisdiction to do so and the biggest error in law is that it was the Province of Ontario that evicted us from the Province of Quebec. Can BC legally evict anyone from Alberta? Well the answer is no, and we in Lower Canada or Quebec were to be protected under the Royal Proclamation of October 7th, 1763, this was interpreted and applied by Lords Mansfield at Cambell V Hall in 1774.

  9. Letting the tee pee stay, is more or less putting up with the First Nations until this is all over and done!! After Canada day, it will be business as usual!!

  10. I hear you! I acknowledge the atrocities of colonialism, cultural genocide, residential schools. What can I do? I speak up and I’m told I’m an apologist, that I need to hold space for indigenous voices. As a kid growing up in Yellowknife I was taught to respect my Cree heritage, that I was a proud Metis and Northerner. Now I’m white and priveleged. How do I advocate? Is it my place?

    1. Ally.
      Others can advocate for themselves.
      We are all empowered or want to be. So we hold space for others to define for themselves, if they so choose.
      When facing resistance, in any direction, stay true.

  11. The Sacred Fire is Started.
    Peacefully,Just about all nations of the World Together,PEACEFULLY.
    And I Need to give a shout out to the RCMP They are a great bunch of people.I believe they understand.
    It’s not them making the call.
    Tomorrow is going to be a great day.Happy Canada Day.
    Here we are lets make it right.

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