‘Hypocritical’: Metis Nation of Ontario responds to David Chartrand’s latest attack

Manitoba Metis Federation president slammed Metis Nation of Ontario last week on N2N

Metis Nation of Ontario president, Margaret Froh, seen here in this photo in 2018.

Margaret Froh says she’s heard it all before from David Chartrand as the battle within Metis Nation continues.

But she came on Nation to Nation this week to respond to Chartrand’s latest attack on the Metis Nation of Ontario.

Froh called it “hypocritical” of the Manitoba Metis Federation president to be against the Powley decision.

“They’re all part of the Great Lakes Metis community and I would just remind President Chartrand that he, along with other Metis leaders form across the Metis Nation homeland, … celebrated in the Powley decision,” said Froh.

“I think it’s quote hypocritical now to turn around and deny the existence of Powley.”

Powley began over a dead moose in 1993.

Two Metis men, Steve and Roddy Powley, were charged for illegal hunting but argued they had rights under section 35 of the Constitution Act that protects the right of the Metis to hunt for food.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2003 the Metis community in and around Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. has constitutionally-protected rights.

Watch what Chartrand had to say last week on N2N here.

And for the last two years there’s been a divide in Metis Nation – pitting Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario against Chartrand and outgoing president of the Metis National Council, Clement Chartier.

It’s led the three Metis government’s to form a coalition, yet they still want to be part of the Metis National Council.

Froh’s complete interview can be seen below, along with a discussion with Liberal MP Lenore Zann, whose has a bill that’s about to get second reading.

It has to do with environmental racism.

Zann explained that’s when you have landfills or toxic waste sites placed on, or near, racialized communities.

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