Updating your favorite segments from the 2021-22 InFocus season

A lot more happened this year than just the pandemic.

The really big shows this season had nothing to do with a virus. In fact, fashion was a big hit. Also – pizza.

In the depths of winter, we told you about two designers who were headed to Paris for Fashion Week – something beyond their wildest dreams.

Sheila Tucker, from Yellowquill First Nation in Saskatchewan but now living and designing in Arizona, was chosen to be in the Flying Solo show in Paris that showcases independent new talent from around the globe to shine among the fashion giants.

Also chosen for that show was Jessie Pruden, a Metis beader from Winnipeg. Her Bead ‘N Butter jewelry hit the runway at the Flying Show as well and the two quickly became friends.

A community kitchen story you loved from Sudbury involved a husband and wife duo who started feeding 50 of the downtown’s hungry each Sunday and it ballooned to 300. Helpers included a young boy who took joy in cooking to feed the community. But health officials shut them down after the show – but they’re back up and running and feeding 400 people a week.

And Women Helping Women is a non-profit that sells beadwork on Instagram made by a handful of incarcerated women looking to put away from cash for their release. Since being on the show, their following has exploded. Their beadwork is sold around the world and now 35 women in federal and provincial jails are selling their beadwork.

Also an update on a woman making Indigenous-outfitted Barbies. And Jesse Andrushko joins host Melissa Ridgen to discuss how people go bananas for their favorite rez pizza.

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