Sexual violence against women and why is so little being done to fix it?

Within families, communities, organizations even our grassroots movements and healing centres — women aren’t always safe from sexual abuse and harassment.

It’s well-documented that Indigenous girls, women, Two-Spirit and gender diverse people are far more likely to be victims of sexualized violence than others in Canada.

The #metoo movement refocussed scrutiny on one aspect of the problem often just whispered about; women warning other women of problematic men in our midst to be careful around.

Indian Country Today did a nine-month investigation into the issue south of the border too.

Too often, it’s men who hold positions of power and command respect and trust they don’t deserve.

They say hurt people hurt people – is this another effect of colonialism? And regardless of the cause, isn’t the onus on men to fix it? Are they even trying? What about the women who circle to protect the predators and pests among us? What about the reports of harassment and sexual violence in the supposed decolonized safe spaces of some protest movements?

Sexual violence and misconduct; a two-part series on InFocus April 20 and 27.

Part one explores the issue from a women’s perspective.

In part two we hear from men who are trying to help other men end the cycle.

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