Digging deep: Inside the Clean Water, Broken Promises investigation

Two years of incredible research, data analysis and old fashioned leg work coordinated by the Institute for Investigative Journalism (IIJ) involving six media outlets including APTN News, as well as 10 universities and colleges rolled out this week under the banner Clean Water, Broken Promises.

At the heart of this investigation – why many First Nations in this first-world country still don’t have clean drinking water despite a 2015 promise by the now-governing Liberals to have it flowing in every community by March 2021 – something the feds now admit isn’t doable and a new auditor general’s report finds it never was.

The IIJ investigation show how $1.6 billion spent over the past five years hasn’t come close to solving anything.

The water investigation does a deep dive into why and how the water problems remains  – from infrastructure construction to lack of operating and maintenance funding to nightmarish government red tape and lack of accountability.

Host Melissa Ridgen talks to the many hands involved in Clean Water, Broken Promises to explore the problems, and possible solutions to getting clean drinking water in all communities.

For more, click here: Clean Water, Broken Promises 

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