NDP government would apply UNDRIP, invest $1.8 billion in First Nation education

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair would created a cabinet committee on Indigenous issues

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ENOCH, Alta.—An NDP government would invest $1.8 billion new dollars for First Nations education and ensure all federal government decision respect treaty rights, inherent rights and the principles in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), the party’s leader Thomas Mulcair said Wednesday.

Mulcair unveiled his party’s Indigenous issues platform at the River Cree Resort in Enoch, Alta., during an Assembly of First Nations open forum on First Nation issues.

The NDP is the only party with a full platform on promises for Indigenous communities and people.

The party released its northern platform Tuesday which promises to add 50 communities to the Nutrition North program, which aims to reduce the cost of health foods in Northern communities. The party is putting $32 million toward the program.

The AFN invited all party leaders to the forum, but only Mulcair showed up. The Liberals sent their Aboriginal affairs critic Carolyn Bennett.

The NDP, which is currently trailing behind the Conservatives and Liberals in recent polls, said it would invest $1.8 billion into First Nations education over the next four years and $8.4 billion over the eight years as a result of an annual escalator.

An NDP government would create a cabinet committee, chaired by the prime minister, to focus specifically on First Nation issues to ensure all government decision respect treaty rights, inherent rights and UNDRIP principles.

The party re-announced its commitment to hold a public inquiry into the high number of murdered and missing Indigenous women within its first 100 days in power.

The NDP is putting $50 million toward holding the inquiry.

The NDP is promising $68 million to revitalize Indigenous languages and $8 million for the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation which will hold Indian residential school documents and survivor testimonies gathered by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The party is promising to remove the two per cent funding cap on social transfers to First Nations  along with investing $375 million in new dollars targeting housing, schools and clean water over four years. The NDP is also aiming to strike a housing agreement with First Nations that could see it draw from the $2.7 billion fund the party would create for affordable housing.

Infrastructure on reserves could also see a $96 million in funding over four years and $800 million over 20 years.

The NDP would put $5 million a year for a suicide prevention strategy as part of a $100 million mental health innovation fund for children and youth. It will also put $20 million toward a national diabetes strategy.

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7 thoughts on “NDP government would apply UNDRIP, invest $1.8 billion in First Nation education

  1. glass is 1/4 empty says:

    Won’t vote NDP now. continue giving allowances to first nations like a parent blindly given money to a teenager who should be earning his own

    1. take your money with yous back to england or where evers yous come from..LOL

    2. You obviously dont know or fulky understand our history…. and very clearly have absolutely no idea what our lives look like with our very poor health care, mental healthcare, our lack of access to food, shelter…. whatever… vote for oppression and dishonnesty if you want…

  2. Homes have been built on the reserves and have received no maintenance, basically trashed…there are band chiefs, who pocket the money instead of investing it in the reserve.

  3. This is wonderful and of course at every rally, debate and throughout the campaign Tom has been announcing that he will sift legislation through a First Nations lens using a cabinet cmttee headed by himself for that purpose. He has announced repeatedly that he will begin a full investigation into the missing and murdered indigenous women within 100 days of taking office, he has promised to treat with First Nations on a Nation-to-nation basis.

  4. It’s a little late now. The longest election in history and the NDP waited until 12 days before the election to announced this? 2 days before the advanced polls? I think it obvious, now that the NDP are out of it, they’re scrambling to save the furniture, especially in key ridings that were supposed to be safe, like in Manitoba, where a couple of very good Liberal First Nations Candidates like Robert Falcon Oullete is tied with Pat Martin, and Rebecca Chartrand is only 3% behind Nikki Ashton. Mulcair made a huge mistake moving the NDP so far to the right, and not endorsing more First Nations candidates in ridings where First Nations carry the vote. It’s no wonder the NDP is down to 18% in Manitoba, while the Liberals are now tied with the Conservatives at 39% each.

    1. Scrambling? They’ve been releasing platform planks for awhile. Apart from the work they’ve done over the past few years and these new commitments, they also released information about some of their plans for respectful co-operation aboriginal peoples early in the summer. All parties continue to make announcements. Judge them on their merits, populist polls shouldn’t dictate appropriate policy. That’s how the status quo thrives.

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