Wounded Knee site to be offered to highest bidder

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The Wounded Knee Massacre site in South Dakota was put up for sale earlier this year.

More than 300 Native American men, women and children were killed by U.S. troops in 1890.

Wednesday was the last day for the Oglala Sioux Tribe to come up with the $4.9 million asking price.

But they said it was too much money and now it’s expected to be offered to the highest bidder.

The 40-acres is actually valued at about $14,000.

APTN’s Ntawnis Piapot has the story.

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3 thoughts on “Wounded Knee site to be offered to highest bidder

  1. This is shocking news. That the Oglala Sioux Tribe would be forced into a position where they have to buy the site of the massacre of their own people, one of the most onerous and disgraceful moments in US history, is beyond belief. Is there some place where contributions can be sent to help the Oglala Sioux raise the funds to buy this site? This should not be necessary. The US government should buy the site and give it to them with apology for the massacre. I can only imagine the pain that the Oglala Sioux Tribe is going through over this and my deepest sympathy goes out to ever one of the descendants of the survivors.

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