Volunteers find teeth by the Red River, Winnipeg police never show up to investigate

(A volunteer holds an envelope containing four teeth discovered on the banks of the Red River in Winnipeg Monday. Photo: Dennis Ward/APTN)

Dennis Ward
APTN National News
WINNIPEG — Acting on a tip, volunteers from Winnipeg’s Drag the Red were searching the river banks tonight and found what they believe are four human teeth.

“It’s like finding a needle in a hay stack and I found a needle” said Kyle Kematch, one of the organizers of the search.

Kematch said the teeth “could belong to one of the missing… it could be my sister?”

Kematch’s sister, Amber Guiboche, vanished in 2010.

Drag the red volunteers were frustrated Monday night after the find was reported to police but no one from the WPS showed up to investigate. Kematch left after four hours of waiting with the teeth in his possession. It’s not clear when Kematch will hand the teeth to police.

Kyle Kematch standing by the site where four teeth were found by the Red River Monday night. Photo: Dennis Ward/APTN

Over the past two years, the grassroots initiative has handed evidence over to police including a firearm they pulled from the river and dentures.

Kematch says it’s finds like that and the teeth discovered tonight that fuel his fire to keep searching.

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