Tsuut’ina police file charges against Nathan Chasing Horse

Tsuut’ina Police in Alberta announce new warrants for Nathan Chasing Horse. New charges relate to sex crimes against multiple victims.

Chasing Horse

Actor Nathan Chasing Horse is facing additional criminal charges for sex crimes in Alberta according to the Tsuut’ina Nation Police Service.

Chasing Horse, 47, has warrants placed on the system that include three counts of sexual exploitation, four counts of sexual assault, one count of sexual interference with a person under the age of 16 and one count removal of a child from Canada under the age of 16.

There is a publication ban on the names of the victims. Police would not confirm the number of victims—citing the publication ban but said that there was more than one.

“This investigation has spanned over the course of several years with one of our cases from 2005,” said Sgt. Nancy Farmer.

Farmer praised the bravery of the victims who came forward to speak to police.

“We anticipate there will be more victims coming forward,” said Farmer.

Tsuut’ina police said that multiple jurisdictions are pressing criminal charges including Fort Peck, Montana and Keremeos, British Columbia. There is also ongoing criminal proceedings in Nevada. This has all meant that there is considerable coordination between these jurisdictions.

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Farmer also said there were many supports on the nation for victims, including having Elders present when they speak. She said police have a quiet room where they can smudge.

“Mr. Chasing Horse represented himself as a medicine man, that means he betrayed the trust that people who came to him had… we overcome that one step at a time” said Farmer.

The sexual exploitation charge involves someone in a position of trust.

As a part of the police investigation, Tsuut’ina police worked with Elders on the definition of a medicine man.

“The Elders provided an opinion on what a medicine man is, represents and what their duties are,” said Farmer.

Although there are no plans set to extradite Chasing Horse, Farmer said they went ahead with the charges so that the victims felt heard.
“It is important for us to have the warrants on the system so that our victims feel heard,” said Farmer.

In Nevada, Chasing Horse is charged with 18 counts in connection with sexual abuse against two women. The charges have not been proven in court.

Chasing Horse’s trial is currently on hold while he appeals to the Nevada Supreme Court to have the charges dropped.

Police would not confirm whether the charges involve the same people as the RCMP charges in British Columbia.

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