Trudeau to ask Pope to apologize over residential schools

The Canadian Press
OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to ask Pope Francis to issue a formal apology for the role of the Catholic Church in the residential school system.

Trudeau is expected to raise the issue during a one-on-one meeting with the Pope when he visits Vatican City on May 29, during his trip to Europe for the NATO and G7 summits.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission included a demand for a formal apology from the Pope to residential school survivors among the 94 recommendations in its report on the dark chapter in Canadian history.

The report said the apology should be delivered on Canadian soil.

Trudeau, who has promised to act on all 94 recommendations, has previously promised to speak to the Pope about an apology, but noted he could not compel him to agree.

The Vatican issued a statement from the previous pope, Benedict XVI in 2009, expressing sorrow for the treatment of Indigenous children in residential schools.

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16 thoughts on “Trudeau to ask Pope to apologize over residential schools

  1. “The Vatican issued a statement from the previous pope, Benedict XVI in 2009, expressing sorrow for the treatment of Indigenous children in residential schools.”

    This churches track record and legacy of sexual exploitation of young boys and girls is both disgusting and amazing. I talk to Native elders today who still tear up when recounting the abuse they suffered at the hands of the churches pedophiles. Sadly they are tormented still by what occurred then.

  2. How about stop hiding pedophiles and expose the nuns, priest, janitors ect who sexually, emotionally, physically abused my parents and my relatives. Some of these scum bags are still alive and the church protects them. A simple sorry won’t suffice especially from a man who really had nothing to do about it. How about an apology from trudeaus father for allowing it too happen under his term. Let’s not forget his father was no friend of the native people

  3. Why this self-titled pedophile church has not been banned for its hundreds of years of child abuse is a mystery. When an organization rapes tens of thousands of children, and continues to cover it up, it should dissolved, its treasures sold and the money given back to the people from whence it was stolen and its thousands of criminal “priests” should be jailed. Why hasn’t this happened?

  4. The prime minister of Canada a should dignity breaking promises two Native broke treatise treatise and should be ashamed

  5. How many times is this going to be addressed? How many Popes need to apologize? They themselves played no part, are there any priests still alive, so all they can do is say ‘on behalf of..’
    Don’t condemn all Catholics for what some did, and still cry racism. That’s calling the kettle….

    1. Thousands of priests abused tens of thousands of children for at least two hundred years. 1857 is the first recorded child abuse case, btw.

    2. Until a formal apology is made and reconciliation is met thru healing. They are calling rape, abuse, genocide and theft by the pedafile priest s protected by the Vatican and also the US and Canadian governments

    3. My parents were in a residential school in mission British Columbia I’m 26 let that sink in

    4. No Pope has ever apologized for the Catholic Church’s involvement in the Residental School system. There was an admission of sympathy by the previous Pope but hesitated giving an official apology. Every single Church and entity involved in Residental School system had made a formal apology except for the Catholic Church.

  6. Whats he gonna do to change up the apology…if Ex-
    Prime Minister Harper said he didn’t care about our past issues ..why would it make a difference…you tell me…

  7. How about a thousand dollars to every first nation person with a status card….from the vatican not the goverment of canada.

  8. Junior has broken most of his promises to us. I’m guessing this will be 1 more.

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