Tears of joy amidst Peguis evacuation as feline rescued from hydro pole

As Peguis First Nation members continue to grapple with the stress of flooding and evacuations, one story has emerged that is the cat’s meow.

More than 100 people have descended on the community 150 kilometres north of Winnipeg to help with the flood effort.

A crew in a SHERP – vehicle that is part boat, part ATV – noticed a cat atop a hydro pole that was surrounded by freezing water from the Fisher River.

In a video posted online, a rescuer is seen shimmying the pole to rescue the unhappy feline.

James Favel of the First Nations Community Response Corp captured the video. He said there were lots of happy tears flowing when the cat was returned to the little girl who owns it.

feline rescued
The rescued feline in more comfortable surroundings.

Peguis is the largest reserve in Manitoba. More than 1,000 people from the community have been evacuated due to overland flooding caused by a near-record snowfall, heavy rains, and the Fisher River melt.

A CTV report says a Winnipeg Blue Bomber has also been in the community rescuing dogs that are trapped in the flood.


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