Squamish Nation expanding training centre


The Squamish Nation is expanding a training centre.

Priscilla Fraser just started two weeks ago and says she wants a job with better pay.

“It’s a big industry and as you can see on the North Shore here the construction business has been booming so they have a whole bunch of townhouses and whole bunch of other construction going up so I think it will benefit a lot of the nation, Aboriginal people, to get into the trades centre,” said Fraser.

Khelsilem is a band councillor and spokesperson for the Squamish Nation and said there are a lot of opportunities for Indigenous people in trades.

“We have a lot of partnerships … with companies doing business with our nation so we often negotiate for employment opportunities for our members as well as capacity development for our members to be able to get those jobs,” he said.

Since it started in 2004, 525 apprentices and 400 skilled workers have graduated.

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