Saulteaux model stays grounded with trips home to Saskatchewan

Rising fashion model Heather Diamond Strongarm recently took part in an ice fishing derby in Saskatchewan.

It’s how the 18-year-old stays grounded between trips to walk the runways in Los Angeles and Milan.

“I feel very, like really refreshed and recharged whenever I come back and visit family,” said the Saulteaux star from Fishing Lake First Nation.

“When I’m away from home, I feel really homesick and start missing my family, just everything or miss being on my reservation.”

Strongarm was named one of Vogue magazine’s 10 standout models of 2023.

She was also the first Indigenous model to open a runway show for Dior.

But she hasn’t forgotten where she came from or her love of jingle dancing or sewing.

“I make my own regalia,” she says. “I make my own moccasins, hair ties, beadwork—I haven’t tried making a dress or anything yet, but I’m gonna try to do that soon.”

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