Roseau River moves to evict controversial Red Sun management

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2 thoughts on “Roseau River moves to evict controversial Red Sun management

  1. I often watch and wonder why is it that non-white people like you seem to always have problems with money. Some reserves have no water, no electricity yet when we hear news it seems that either the provincial and federal government give money to reserves. Am I mistaken? I am not trying to blame anyone it just that I don’t know what it is like to be living on a reserve and have laws that seem to contradict these governments.

  2. I have a question: are the people of Roseau paying $7 less than what they would pay off-reserve? That’s what the tax on a pack of cigarettes is. To respect the treaty, retailers should be charging their treaty customers $7 less. What happens is the retailer takes the $7 loss at the cash register then the gov’t reimburses the retailer for temporarily covering the rebate. Right now most treaty tobacco retailers don’t give their treaty customers the full rebate and keep it as a profit. If the retailer (in this case, Red Sun) is not charging $7 less then they are denying a treaty right. The long plains gas bar near Polo Park does something similar: they basically charge their customers the same price (only a dollar or two less) then keep the profit and lie to the people and say: “Oh no, that’s just how much GST and PST come up to.” OUR TREATY RIGHT IS TO NOT PAY THE TAX. Retailers do not have the right to take our tax rebate and pocket it. Personally, I’d rather pay the tax than let my own people rip me off. What’s the point of treaty rights if we are going to abuse them?

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