Report uses available data to illustrate plight of Aboriginal peoples

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It’s a surprise to no one Aboriginal peoples do not fare well compared to others.

A new report pinpoints it down to the statistics.

The numbers indicate Aboriginal peoples continue to face hardships on a level non-Aboriginal people do not in the areas of education, employment, economic well-being, health and housing.

“It’s not news to anyone, the dice are loaded against Aboriginal people in Canada,” said David Gollob, a spokesman for the Canadian Human Rights Commission that released the report Entitled Equality Rights Data Report on Aboriginal People.

Based primarily on Statistics Canada data between 2005-2010, the report confirms Aboriginal peoples, compared to non-Aboriginal people, make less money, are more likely to collect employment insurance and social assistance, as well face physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

“If you’re born as an Aboriginal person in Canada today you face conditions of disadvantage that do not reflect a society to which there is a state of equality,” said Gollob.

The report also shows Aboriginal peoples are more likely to be victims of violent crimes, be put in prison and less likely to be granted parole.

The commission hopes their report will be used as a reference point for stakeholders and government departments moving forward.

For more information the report can be found here.

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