President of Native Women’s Association named to advisory board for senate appointments

APTN National News
OTTAWA – The government has appointed a notable Aboriginal leader to its new senate advisory board.

Dawn Lavell-Harvard is the president of the Native Women’s Association of Canada.  She will act as an advisor for Ontario.

In a statement released today by the minister of Democratic Institutions, the advisory board was created to ensure appointments are transparent and non-partisan.

The government said the appointments will be based on public input and merit-based criteria.  The board was created in response to criticism following a series of spending scandals in 2013.

“The new, independent process will help inject a new spirit of non-partisanship into the Senate.  I believe that this new process will immediately begin to restore the confidence of Canadians in an institution that plays an essential role in our parliamentary system,” said Maryam Monsef, Minister of Democratic Institutions.

A new process will be unveiled later in the year in which Canadians can apply to become a senator.

The Liberal government has 22 positions to fill in the senate.

Murray Segal, former Ontario Attorney General and deputy minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs was also named to the board.

According to the statement from the department, the board will be chaired by retired civil servant, Huguette Labelle.

Here’s the entire list from the department:

  • Indira Samarasekeraas Federal Member – served as the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Alberta.
  • Professor Daniel Jutrasas Federal Member – Dean of Law, Full Professor, Wainwright Chair in Civil Law at the Faculty of Law, McGill University.
  • Murray Segal as provincial member for Ontario – former Ontario Deputy Attorney General and Ontario Deputy Minister Responsible for Aboriginal Affairs.
  • Dawn Lavell Harvard as provincial member for Ontario – President of the Native Women’s Association of Canada.
  • Sylvie Bernier as provincial member for Quebec – Olympic gold medalist, media contributor and Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador.
  • Yves Lamontagne as provincial member for Quebec – an accomplished psychiatrist and leading figure in the field of medicine.
  • Susan Lewisas provincial member for Manitoba – worked for over 40 years with the United Way of Winnipeg, including as President from 1985 to 2014.
  • Heather Bishop as provincial member for Manitoba – an accomplished musician/singer-songwriter, independent recording artist, and entrepreneur.