Body recovered from Thunder Bay river of missing 14 year-old boy

Ontario Provincial Police have recovered a body from the McIntyre river in Thunder Bay Thursday evening.

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7 thoughts on “Body recovered from Thunder Bay river of missing 14 year-old boy

  1. So sad such a tragedy such a loss to someone who passed away at a young age. We really don’t know what had happened to this young man. It’s sad cause he could had enjoyed summer with his family and friends as well could had enjoyed life to the fullest. It’s sad that he didn’t see himself graduate from school and maybe gone to college or university to persuade a career. My heart aches to the family on the loss of their son, brother, cousin, nephew, grandson. I am sending my condolences to you all. May you all find comfort in each other during the loss of Josiah. May you all remain strong as well remember the Creator is watching over you all. Remember Josiah is no longer suffering he will always remain in your hearts and memories that no one can’t take away from any of you. Take care and God bless you all.

  2. If this is suicide my heart goes out to you all, we have to figure something to do with us terrible murderer who we can’t hold accountable for. We have to all work together to find a cure.

  3. I absolutely cannot fathom what the friends and family members of this poor, young child are going through. No parent should ever have to bury their child!!! This is a very sad day for myself. I wish I could take some of their pain away!!! Sometimes the ” cards of life ” we get dealt are truly not fair.

  4. Condolences to the families, no one should have to bury a youngster. Sure hope he gets Justice.

  5. I am so sorry and sad to hear this. I pray for the family that they get through this hard time .

  6. I have Prayed hard. I Prayed often for the best possible outcome of the search of the youth who was missing. Creator HEARS all our Prayers. Sometimes, Creator ANSWERS in ways – we do not like or want. Today, we have to say “Miigwech. Thank you” for answering all our Prayers.

    It is truly heartbreaking. It is a time of sadness, pain & anguish. But, it is also another time of continued Prayer.

    Esther Lachinette-Diabo
    Whitesand First Nation

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