Pokémon Go craze catches on even in Internet-challenged Iqaluit

Nunavut has missed many online trends because of expensive data and slow download speeds, but not this one

Kent Driscoll
APTN National News
Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm — even in some places you might not suspect.

Nunavut has missed out on many online trends, because expensive bandwidth and slow download speeds make online gaming difficult.

But Pokémon Go is a hit in Iqaluit, and our Iqaluit team was out there throwing Pokéballs with the other trainers.


Video Journalist / Iqaluit

Kent has been APTN’s Nunavut correspondent since 2007. In that time he has closely covered Inuit issues, including devolution and the controversial Nutrition North food subsidy. He has also worked for CKIQ-FM in Iqaluit and as a reporter for Nunavut News North.