Papaschase First Nation Chief boycotts Edmonton K-Days

The City of Edmonton has been hosting a ten day celebration called K-Days since 1879.

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5 thoughts on “Papaschase First Nation Chief boycotts Edmonton K-Days

  1. Ridiculous! absolutely ridiculous!!
    It’s bad enough lateral violence is alive and well on all First Nations communities as it is!! Let alone have other first nations pick on the other. Why can’t we as First Nations People just get along instead of fighting, feuding with other respective first nations. We always complain of how we are treated as a “Indigenous” people. How about start off with trying to get along with each other and see the goodness for what it is instead of finding something to complain about!! I’m sure the government of Canada just love to see this!

    1. Yes all the Treaties need to unite and work together! I’m sure the Government likes all the internal fighting so they can go about their business….stealing!!!!

  2. We should work together .what are we teaching our young ones .that life is about money .by the way things are looking . WE NEED to teach them to work hard to learn to hunt and survive like the old days .keep our culture and traditions for our children our grandchildren at any cost ..what is wrong with our leaders “elders”
    . The worls is changing and we will not make it if we fight or argue against eachother . Honestly …this makes me sad .

    1. Maybe because many can’t get employment because of discrimination, if not that, then people tend to hire their own friends,
      relatives, you know how it is.

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