Ottawa twins charged with terror-related offences applying for Indian status

(Pictured above is Ashton Larmond.)

By Kenneth Jackson
APTN National News
OTTAWA – The Ottawa twins facing terror-related charges for allegedly trying to join ISIS are currently trying to obtain Indian status, APTN National News has learned.

According to sources close to the twins, Carlos and Ashton Larmond, 24, are “very proud” Algonquins. Their grandmother, Linda Brennan is handling the application. Brennan refused to comment on the charges facing the twins or the application.

They believe they’re the first First Nations converts to Islam that have been charged under anti-terror laws in Canada.

Their father, Anthony Larmond, told APTN that his sons get their heritage through his side of the family but couldn’t recall a First Nation community. He said Brennan has been doing the research.

The brothers were arrested Jan. 9.

Carlos was arrested at Montreal’s Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Police said he was “intending to travel overseas for terrorist purposes.”

Ashton was taken into custody in Ottawa.

“Through collaborative efforts with our partners, we were able to prevent these individuals from leaving Canada to engage in terrorist activity overseas,” said James Malizia, an assistant commissioner with the RCMP in a press release at the time.

The RCMP had been focused on Ashton since early August 2013. The Ottawa Citizen reported police were listening in on the brothers through wiretaps and intercepting text messages.

APTN learned the brother’s converted to Islam about five years ago.

“They just wanted to go over there to a Muslim school to learn more about the Quran,” said Anthony Larmond. “They told me they had no intention on joining ISIS.”

He said he blames the arrests on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “crusade against ISIS and turning our country into a prison state.

“It’s a sad day for freedom when our citizens can be jailed for a belief,” said Anthony Larmond.

He is currently at a Toronto halfway house finishing a six-year sentence for armed robbery.

He told APTN that Carlos and Ashton were raised by their grandmother in Ottawa. They were born 12 minutes apart. The mom, Michelle Ruthven, wouldn’t comment when contacted by APTN.

“Little fact for you,” he said. “The boys weren’t raised by their mother. She had little to do with them.”       

They grew up in the Vanier community of Ottawa and attended Rideau High School.

Carlos and Ashton credit Islam for saving their lives and it was that faith that pulled them away from alcohol.

However, they refuse to smudge while in custody at the local Ottawa jail because they believe it would be serving another God, APTN was told.

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  1. I live on a reservation, my whole family does, my mother is a Councillor here, half of the community has my family name, but my grandfather who is only half aboriginal married a beautiful white women (My grandmother) and they had my mother who is only one quarter aboriginal. Since my Father is also white, I’m only one eighth. I live, work, and am even in a common law relationship here and get no Indian status. All my records can be traced back to where i live no problem, it still doesn’t matter i guess. If these twins get status, i’m going to freak the fuck out. and we will have a fight on our hands

  2. I-Slam has been drooling over the prospect of chasing al-Shaytan from these polytheist heathens , the worst of humanity according to I-Slam, for a long time….

  3. Everyone is trying to be ISIS these days. It amazes me how many morons there are in this world. I guess we’ll find out why if they ever get a trial lol

  4. Native? and they don’t know what community they are from?? Nah!!!….just a little too convenient to try and make that claim now….

  5. just how can they claim to be natives yet refuse to smudge themselves? and they are serving the false god Hatred

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