Nunavut government wants a ‘Nunavut’ solution to MMIW

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The Nunavut territorial government doesn’t want to take part in a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women.

But it begs the questions as to why, considering Nunavut is 85 per cent Inuit and has high rates of violence against women.

APTN’s Kent Driscoll reports the Nunavut government wants a Nunavut solution to MMIW.

Video Journalist / Iqaluit

Kent has been APTN’s Nunavut correspondent since 2007. In that time he has closely covered Inuit issues, including devolution and the controversial Nutrition North food subsidy. He has also worked for CKIQ-FM in Iqaluit and as a reporter for Nunavut News North.

1 thought on “Nunavut government wants a ‘Nunavut’ solution to MMIW

  1. Yes, there can never be unity, it seems. No matter what, there is no way this govt can give individual solutions to each and every group. Surely people must realize this. FN people are doing themselves no favors when they behave in this manner, and have expectations that their particular problem and perspective be given more importance than others’. And, there is nobody who can do a thing about any of the MMIW or the MMIM or the MMOP, except for the members of that group, whichever it may be. FN people want no interference, and yet ask for interference almost daily. Make up your minds, get your heads together, and come up with solutions. That is really the only thing that is going to have a chance to change things for the better.

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