Northern Mining: Boom and Bust

Shirley McLean, aptn national News

Mining in the Yukon is booming. But many fear that when there’s a boom, there’s a bust.

That isn’t stopping mining companies from getting on the Yukon mining bandwagon as firms from Vancouver look north for profits. Last year alone the Yukon took in $150-million dollars.

Yukon Prmier Dennis Fenti is inviting companies to look north.

“next year will be another banner year for the yukon territory and the mining sector another prosper year and I
can only invite you all to come and join us and share in that prosperity.”

But there are concerns for the environment. One problem is there isn’t enough energy in the Yukon to power some of
these mining projects.

And while the government is encouraging companies to set up shop in the Yukon, some people are asking whether they’ll have to clean up after those companies once the boom is over.

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