New documentary puts the human in homelessness

A new documentary speaks for the voiceless – homeless people in Edmonton.

Invisible Persons: Stories from Boyle Street was created by the downtown organization Boyle Street Community Services.

Filmmaker Dan Zimmerman says many people opened up to him on camera.

“We were very clear what we were up to,” Zimmerman said after a screening at the Art Gallery of Alberta. “And some folks were pretty private, but a lot of folks really jumped at the chance to share their wisdom and their stories.”

The subjects asked for members of the public who see them on the street to treat them with kindness, compassion and understanding.

While Zimmerman went even further.

“I’m grateful they were able to share their stories, because I think our inner-city community is sometimes marginalized and we don’t necessarily see them as citizens,” he said. “We see them as problems.”

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