National Film Board unveils DVD box set of Abenaki filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin’s work

Filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin expresses a sense of relief at finally presenting the collection she says took three years to put together.

The set, which she worked on with the National Film Board, also known as the NFB, includes never seen before footage from her work and the premiere of four short films.

“As long as I’m healthy, I will keep on working,” Obomsawin said at the unveiling of the box set. “I love what I do. And with all the years that have gone by, I’m 65 films in, I’ve been here since 1967. So I’ve lived through every kind of injustice, every kind of situation, everything you could imagine. But today I see the results and I see the possibilities.”

Suzanne Guévremont, president of the NFB, says that is was a passion project for the agency.

“It’s an extraordinary heritage project,” she said. “In fact, of all the history Alanis has had with us over the last 50 years if not more. It’s really an opportunity for us to showcase all the talent and all the work she’s done. The impact she’s had on every community.”

Obomsawin has inspired generations of Indigenous creators and filmmakers and has received numerous awards and honours for her work and social activism.

The films are available in English and French. Four films offer versions in Cree. The DVD box set can be purchased through the NFB website.

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