N2N: Firestorm over Conservative Senator’s speech on Indian residential schools

Nation to Nation
Yvonne Jones, Parliamentary secretary for Indigenous affairs, called on Conservative Senator Lynn Beyak to resign her seat on the Senate’s Aboriginal affairs committee over her speech about Indian residential schools.

Beyak, in the speech delivered Tuesday in the Senate’s Red Chamber, said there was too much emphasis placed on the negative aspects of Indian residential school.

Beyak should apologize and resign her spot on the committee, said Jones during Nation to Nation’s MP’s panel.

Conservative MP Cathy McLeod stopped short of calling on Beyak to resign saying she should reflect on what she said and read former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper’s 2008 apology to Indian residential school survivors.

Nation to Nation spoke with Toronto author Robert MacBain, who was quoted extensively by Beyak in her speech.

NDP leadership candidate Charlie Angus also spoke with Nation to Nation about his campaign.

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1 thought on “N2N: Firestorm over Conservative Senator’s speech on Indian residential schools

  1. Beyak should prove the positives that came from the horror of residential schools. Proof of the negatives exists in testimonials and lives. For a person from northern Ontario, in the cushy confines of a senate appointment, her remarks are a betrayal , and help deniers.

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