Mother’s fight to save daughter from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside back to beginning

‘I am just so frustrated with the system right now’

A mother hoping to save her daughter who is addicted to drugs and living on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside has suffered a set back.

Her daughter, Fayth Alexis, is now back on the streets.

APTN News followed Mavis Benson searching for her daughter.

In the last story, she found Fayth and was able to admit her to a hospital and then hopefully to get into treatment for her addictions.

But since that story broadcast, the situation with her daughter didn’t turn out as planned.

“I am just so frustrated with the system right now you know from what the doctor had told me she has rights, I know she has rights I see that in the courts everyday,” Benson said. “What I’m going to do now is get a petition going to be able to take over her ability to make decisions on her own I want to have the right to say Fayth you need to go into treatment.”

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