Mohawk filmmaker goes public with marriage to bring attention to membership codes

Tom Fennario
APTN National News
There’s a saying that art imitates life, which in turn imitates art, and so on.

That’s what’s happening in Kahnawake, where a Mohawk filmmaker is taking a stand against the territory’s membership code.

Something she’s often depicted on her acclaimed television show, Mohawk Girls.

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6 thoughts on “Mohawk filmmaker goes public with marriage to bring attention to membership codes

  1. Sakokaryes says:

    The Kaianere’ko:wa instructs us that, any person who follows the white roots of peace and promises to live under the tenets of the Kaianere’ko:wa, is welcome. The Great Law does NOT say only certain people. It is all-inclusive. Such is the generosity, the kindness and the knowledge of Shonkwaya’ti:shon. Anyone who says otherwise, cannot claim to be Haudenosaunee. Here we have an elected band council passing man-made laws, rules and regulations aka the “membership code” that works opposite to the intent of our Creator’s wishes for us. If anyone should leave the territory in disgrace and shame, it should be those who violate our sacred Kaianere’ko:wa.

  2. Tracy a strong Mohawk woman!

    Why is it o.k. and accepted for a Mohawk man to marry a non Mohawk woman but not the reverse? We know for a fact the Mohawk women at birth have the special gift of a strong “clan”, is that “passé”? The children of Mohawk men/women have same amount of Indian blood? To ponder?

    1. People can marry who they want. They just can’t live in Kahnawake with a non native. It goes for both. If it’s a man trying bringing a non native here, or a woman bringing a non native man here. That was an old law, that’s no longer in use.

  3. Whats funny Kahnawake calls itself a “Territory”, when it is not at all. They are a reserve under the definition of the Indian Act. Their laws are discriminatory and one day they will have a problem that will degrade them eventually!

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